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ProTrappers LLC provides consultation, deterrent, and removal services for nuisance wild animals in commercial, residential, and governmental settings. Sometimes a quick and simple consultation is more effective than trapping and removing wildlife.  For example, maybe there is something specific in your yard that is drawing in the unwanted animals that you haven’t thought about.  We can help you find both the cause and the solution for the problems that you face.  Sometimes it is as easy as removing something that is attracting unwanted wildlife, sometimes a deterrent solves the problem, sometimes an individual animal or group of animals needs to be permanently removed from the area.  Whatever the wildlife problem is that you face, ProTrappers LLC can help you solve it.

Commercial Control

There are many different commercial settings in which wild animals can create problems.  Places such as apartment complexes and power plants face health and safety issues when unwelcome wildlife enters the area.  Places such as golf courses and college campuses face aesthetic and property damage issues when nuisance wildlife are present.  Places such as parks can face all of the above issues.  ProTrappers LLC is capable of solving all of these problems in an efficient and public friendly manner.

Residential Control

Houses and apartments attract wildlife in many ways.  They provide food, water, and shelter, all of which wild animals need to survive.  Sometimes these attractions can be removed, but not always. ProTrappers LLC can help solve your wildlife problem by helping you keep wildlife away in the first place and by removing those animals that just won’t stay away.

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