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Did you know? Relocation of wildlife to parks is illegal in New Jersey. Leave it to the ProTrappers team to handle your nuisance wildlife in a humane, efficient, and professional manner! Below are just a few of the common nuisance animals in New Jersey.
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One of my favorite things about New Jersey is the abundance of wildlife in the state. Although most of these critters are often enjoyable from afar, their proximity to our homes and offices can often cause unwanted conflict. New Jersey teems with opossums, bats, squirrels, groundhogs, snakes, deer, bears, raccoons, foxes, coyotes and more! Any one of these animals can develop unwanted relationships with our dwellings. Not only do many nuisance animals in New Jersey cause property damage, but they also pose health risks through disease transmission to you and your family. Wild animals carry an array of diseases that can spread in many ways including biting, feces, direct contact or saliva swapping from pet food bowls. Here is a link to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention page on Wildlife Diseases and Pets Whether you have a squirrel or bat in your attic, a groundhog under your shed, or raccoons in your crawl space, ProTrappers LLC is here to help!


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